Market leading technology for sports management and live streaming

We are a SaaS company, developing products for live streaming broadcast and sports data analytics, for coaching.

Our portfolio of software and services, with market leading quality and user experiences, creates business opportunities for us and our business partners.

We work internationally with major sports federations and their leagues

Full-stack solution for AI-production

We are a leading SaaS company developing an end-to-end solution for live sports streaming to fans, coaches, and players. Our portfolio of products ranges from live-streaming platforms, customer-facing apps, and sophisticated metadata integration for automated workflows for international sports federations and leagues.

Our solutions give fans access to thousands of live-produced matches every week.

Web Development

We build customised and white label OTT-platforms for fans of sports federations globally. Our experience sets us apart from other web developers.

Mobile Applications

Our team creates complex apps for iOS and Android for consumers and producers. 

UI/UX Design

We build products for end-consumers, teams and players, using an experienced team that applies clear and effective design processes.

Data driven

We are experts in making use of meta-data. Our applications collect match statistics from third-party suppliers. Live data is transformed into in match graphics for teams, players, scores, and clock.

What makes us different

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, with long experience in developing business-critical systems, we are ready to build the future of sports broadcasting and sports data.

We are building a portfolio of software and services with market-leading quality and user experiences that create business opportunities for us and our business partners.

Our products

Production Management

Production Management creates unique web-tv platforms and apps for numerous international sports federations.


Studio is a tool that enhance and complement to the fixed camera installations.


Play site is a streaming service that offers a wide range of sports with different tournaments, series and more. 

Player Account

Player Account allows every individual player to create their own media and statistics library, to keep track of their own performance and progressions.

Team Account

Team Account allows teams and coaches to use the video, and collected data, in their everyday training activity.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics allows you to analyse and keep track of players and to use the manual situation room for player safety.

Work with us

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