SaaS solutions for sport broadcast and AI automation

What makes us different from other companies?

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, with long experience in developing business-critical systems, we are ready to build the future of sports broadcasting and sports data. We are building a portfolio of software and services with market-leading quality and user experiences that create business opportunities for us and our business partners.

Live Arena Sports is part of Sportway Media Group, a leading company in the media and entertainment business. Sportway Media Group works with content owners in how to produce, market and monetize its sport, athletes and associated brands. The group includes MyGame, Sportway and Live Arena Sports.

MyGame is the customer facing B2C brand from Sportway Media Group and Norway’s most exciting new media company. With intelligent sports cameras and in close cooperation with sports federations, MyGame creates a new and exciting subscription-based media market.

Sportway is an AI-automated sports video and data production company which provides end-to-end, fully automated video production of live sporting events.
We bring the power of live and on-demand video streaming to organisations everywhere to ensure that all sports, on all levels are available for everyone.

We are Live Arena Sports

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DevOps and TechOps

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