Join our product development teams!

Our development team works with the latest technologies to bring sports management into the future, building the next big thing in sports. We work together in agile teams striving for a open and creative environment were individual talents can grow and have fun together.

Our teams contains Frontend- & Backend developers, UI/UX specialists, DevOps and QA/Test specialists.

If you want to work with following technologies you have find the right place!

Event driven design

Highly scalable and available microservices mainly build with Java, but also some services in NodeJs. Loosely coupled and flexible services using event driven design.

UI / UX Design

Frontend – one code base for web and hybrid/native mobile apps. A mix of admin and backoffice apps together with customer facing streaming services that demands good UI/UX design to attract and keep customers.

Data architectures

Big Data architectures – ingest, transform and analyse.

Find patterns using state of the art data analytics tools.

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Why us?

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