We are creating unique web-tv platforms and app’s for numerous international sports federations. All platforms are unique and includes live streaming and VoD services. We build custom and white-label solutions that allows fully customized sites to align with organizations graphic look and feel as well as branding with static ads, pre- and post-rolls.


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Built for scaling

Users access the play site through a browser, or in a mobile app, ready to cast to your TV to make all sports available, regardless of where you are. With our AI-production in place, all teams, in all divisions, in all arenas, will be filmed and more importantly, made available for the world to watch regardless of if it is live, or after the game, on-demand, together with friends and family.

Do you want to know more about the product?

Live Arena Sports is providing SaaS solution for all Sportways products and are acting as the “in-house solution architects” for Sportway Media Group. If you want to have a presentation or know more about our products. please contact the team at Sportway.