We design fully automated video production of live sporting events

Sports development

Creating powerful tools for coaches, players and clubs on all levels, to empower and improve the performance through tracking, match data and video analytics


Make live sports content available for parents, family, friends and fans can follow their teams and favorite players

Live production

AI-technology makes it possible to produce high-quality live streaming. Today, we manage 1,000 cameras around the globe

How we do it and why we love our job!

At Live Arena Sports we are combining the latest technology with our passion for sport.

The live streaming industry is growing faster than ever. With our high-end AI-technology in combination with our self-developed back-end, we manage more than 250,000 matches/season on many platforms.


Matches per season





Our products

Production Management

Production Management creates unique web-tv platforms and apps for numerous international sports federations.


Studio is a tool that enhance and complement to the fixed camera installations.


Play site is a streaming service that offers a wide range of sports with different tournaments, series and more. 

Player Account

Player Account allows every individual player to create their own media and statistics library, to keep track of their own performance and progressions.

Team Account

Team Account allows teams and coaches to use the video, and collected data, in their everyday training activity.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics allows you to analyse and keep track of players and to use the manual situation room for player safety.

Do you share our passion for tech and sports?